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Posted by cameron
Saturday 12 January 2008 - 23:21:05

is an image gallery that comes with thumb bbcode and API (to be used for another plugins but still in alpha release). There is also a User's Album (front-end manager to manage own albums and pictures) functionality. Lightbox plugin is auto-detected and used for picture preview if installed.
Features include:
- Album pictures order settings (General Settings - Image Settings)
- 'Latest picture' list page (gallery.php?latest) - list all images sorted by date
- User's albums (filesize limits, visibility/access/site categories permissions, admin approval, 'My albums' area)
- Galleries and Albums description
- Galleries and Albums preview count
- Watermark image
- e107 Search - title and description, advanced search
- Search template - overwrite it in theme.php
- Notify (admins - on user submit, users - on admin approval)
- Front page (integrated in core administration module 'Front Page')
- Windows Publish Tool (Batch image upload) for both XP and Vista users, multi-language support
- Album user rating and rate permissions
- Album comments and comment permissions
- New/Recent albums page/menu
- Random/Recent user albums menu (menu template, control over thumb sizes, number of items, random/recent type)
- Random Image menu
- Random/Recent Galleries Multi Menu - number items settings in Admin Area templates full control from current theme.php (image size, random or recent etc.)
- Random/Recent Albums Multi Menu - number items settings in Admin Area templates full control from current theme.php (image size, random or recent etc.)
- Offsite thumbnailing
- Server check - analyzes (colorized) your settings (phpThumb.config.php and server/PHP)
- AJAX for less server load
- Built in text/HTML truncate UTF8 support (requires UTF8 class Library download from
- Multi-upload option
- After upload resize options
- Tree structure (Galleries, Albums)
- Auto thumbnailing (on the fly) - full control from the admin area settings
- Image cache - built in thumb caching (phpThumb)
- Fully customizable - templates, css can be altered from the current theme
- Thumb BBcode - you can use sitewide (fully integrated with lightbox plugin)
- BBcode DHTML Window (Lightbox style) - choose from albums / image list in advanced mode
- Lightbox integration - lightbox picture preview if e107 plugin Lightbox is installed, otherwise popup is used
- Self resized js popup for picture preview (phpThumb) - used only if Lightbox plugin is not installed
- Advanced NextPrev handler - "jump to page" js
- Library mode
- Developer tools (alpha release) - call image upload/resize form/actions in your plugins
- W3C XHTML compliance

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