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SphyrixNetworks GamePanel [Project]          
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Tue Jul 20 2010, 08:40AM
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Joined: Mon May 30 2005, 10:41AM
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I have been a member of these forums for over 5 years now, and this is my first time posting!

To create a game server control panel for game server companies and or people that just want to manage their game servers through e107.

  • Server stats (check if its live, how many players, map etc etc)
  • Web console (For game server)
  • Web FTP
  • Start game servers
  • Stop game servers
  • Create game servers
  • Edit config files
  • Easily install game server addons
  • Easily add and remove maps from a library stored on server
  • Easy edit configurations (i.e. Change the server name/password etc without having to open the whole config file)
  • Billing System (PayPal IPN) to automaticly create servers and configure once paymet is received

I am currently working on this project on my own, so it is going to be a while till the project is released. I have currently researched how I am going to have certain things work and how I am going to include these features into my project.

Current Resources:
GameQ - Game Server Query library

Also I have researched how I can start development on the Web Console using a linux program called "screen" to output a log file and have a script read from this file.

The plugin is going to be based on Linux game servers, as I only run linux servers. Unless I end up having someone join me in the development and can write controls for Windows servers.

Version 0.1 has commenced developtment on 20/7/2010
  • Game server query [COMPLETED]
  • Start/Stop Servers [COMPLETED]

[ Edited Fri Jul 23 2010, 07:04AM ]
Wed Jul 21 2010, 01:29AM

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Joined: Fri Feb 06 2009, 06:29PM
Location: Saint Louis,MO
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This sounds like it will be Awesome,ive needed something like this for a long time! Do you have a website? Please keep us posted on the progress of this project.
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Wed Jul 21 2010, 02:23AM
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Joined: Mon May 30 2005, 10:41AM
Posts: 6
Yes I do have a website, I sell GameServers in australia.

I have currently researched a heap of useable material that I can use for the project, such as Linux commands to kill certain "Game Servers" i.e. if a user has more than one server it only kills one depending on the IP and PORT.

Also I have made a couple of BASH scripts for the remote server (The Server the Games Are hosted on that the GamePanel will control) such as Adding users and setting their shell to /sbin/nologin etc etc

Also have some research on the WebFTP and WebRCON.

So its slowly coming together. I have not made the development pages viewable to the public, just the development team for now, but I will be posting updates on here and also on my website in the forums.

Next thing I need to research is a safe way to use exec() or shell_exec() as root through a website (or apache) also with having the users shell set to /sbin/nologin, allowing them to kill their servers and start/stop their servers via exec() or shell_exec() but keeping their shell as /sbin/nologin. (If that make sence) So if anyone has any ideas or info, and is happy to share their knowlage it would be MUCH appriciated!

Also if anyone knows a good place to read up on e107 Plugins and how to create plugins that would be great as the wiki is down. (I am currently writing the code in PHP then will post it to a e107 plugin and release it as a plugin)
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Fri Jul 23 2010, 07:03AM
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Joined: Mon May 30 2005, 10:41AM
Posts: 6
Bit of an update.

I've currently made 2 seprate scripts to perform restart and stop server tasks via ssh. I've also made BASH scripts to do the controlling of the Game servers.
I'm still learning PHP as I go and currently spending my time on turning the tasks mentioned above into Object Oriented PHP, so that th scripts can be used freely and throughout the whole project and also make it easier for others to use the Class' else where.

Also if your interested in helping out with the project please feel free to contact me, just keep in mind that I am still learning, so you would probably need alot of patience and willing to help me and not just take over and write the whole thing them selves :)
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Sat Jul 24 2010, 09:58AM

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Now that is a plugin I would pay good money for!

Good luck with this.
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Sun Jul 25 2010, 12:49PM
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Joined: Mon May 30 2005, 10:41AM
Posts: 6
Just another update,
Made a MySQL library to list servers/users.
Will make it easier for me to code the GamePanel, allows the use of certain functions to be called for different SQL Queries to list servers for certain users or all servers and also all e107 users or just the users that have servers to their names.
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Mon Jul 26 2010, 12:04PM
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Joined: Mon May 30 2005, 10:41AM
Posts: 6
majour update:
-Server Listings done
-Editable themes
-Start/Stop/Restart functions done
-SSH class started, needs tweaking

Been working hard these last few days, the panel now has a bit of a layout to it, I have made it themeable, so users can edit the way it looks easily. I have deceided to make it seprate from e107 for now, so it will run off its own database for users instead of the e107 users. Once I get my head around how e107 gets its users and details etc I will be making it run off the e107 user database, but I am more worried about functionality first. It will still be made as an e107 plugin, but for the time being it will be running off its own database, so unfortunitly users will have to login to the e107 site and then the GamePanel. Eventually once all functionality is operational and bug free I will be uploading it for customers to use as a second GamePanel for functionality, and to find any bugs that I have missed.
Also will be open to suggestions, so I can make the panel better in any way.
I would like to get the WebFTP and RCON running before I release it for use with our clients, but the more I code the more bug prone the program will be, so we will see what happens. Hopefully it will be bug free.
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