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Chat Box Skin/layout ?          
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Sun Apr 11 2010, 04:07AM
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not sure if this could be a plugin or a upgrade to one.
i posted this on already just one to reach as many people as possible to get a answer.

what I'm interested in is some help or if someone can tell me how to go about setting this up? the (chat box plugin ) that comes with E107. sort of rap a skin around it, so visitors to my site can leave post inside the picture on my home page. but its actually is the chat box. hope this makes sense if not i'll try a little better. here is the picture and site link

Ymlite is a chat client that connects to yahoo network hence why i'd like to use the skin around the (chat box) . See here ( [link] )

[ Edited Tue Apr 13 2010, 10:34PM ]
Tue Apr 13 2010, 03:08PM
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your link is broken

[ Edited Tue Apr 13 2010, 03:09PM ]
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Tue Apr 13 2010, 10:34PM
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Joined: Sun Jul 19 2009, 01:08PM
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sorry, fixed it.
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Fri Apr 23 2010, 07:09AM
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Joined: Fri Apr 23 2010, 06:57AM
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Artist's Comments
edit-modified the artist's comment below to make copy and paste easier,added an example of journal to make it even easierrrr X333
well...i've decided to do all these things because i'm so glad this deviation is so much appreciated.:heart: thank you all:bow:

yay,my first css skiiin!X3333i'm so happy!:love:
it's a skin dedicated to the D.gray-man manga,so you fans...if you wish you can use it!X3

here there are some tips for you:

Attention!! you can use journal skins only if you're a subscriber,a beta tester or a senior member!!

:star::star:you can find an example of journal to copy and paste in your content box here: [link]
BUT take a look to the instructions here,just below,ok?

:star: if you want to add your links right below your journal titles, you have to do this:
in the submission/editing phase, click options
insert your links in your skin header box

:star: to add a journal box or a thumbsbox you have to do this:
click submit/edit a journal
insert in your journal text box:
<div align="center"> this is important!it makes you boxes to be centred!
<div class="box"> this will create the box!
<div class="thumbsbox"> this will create a box with the scroll down thingy!
<div class="boxhead>Insert your title here!</div> and insert the title of the box where i told you to! insert your your text! the pic i created as background should be quite big-but remember always that the preview button is a friend of yours!

</div> very important!!this closes your box!

:star:to add your credits under your journal boxes,you simply have to:
in the submit/edit phase, click options
insert your credits in the footer box

best viewed in FF:heart:

...i think it's all!:heart: if you have some questions just ask in a comment!
and please, :+fav: and comment if you're going to use this!:iconiloveyouplz:i spent so much time to create the code!:love:

:star:i've been inspired by =Thewinator,`kjherstin's creations:heart:
:star: i have to thank ~The-Horrible-Sock for letting me use the rose cross stock in my code:heart:
:star: =Thewinator,thank you very much for your help!:love:
:star:and thanks to `S-Que for the great css guide:heart:
:star: the original design of the rose cross,the picture in the moods section and,in general,D.Gray-Man is a creation of K.Hoshino:heart:

1993 Dodge Colt AC Compressor
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Neeraj 555
Wed Apr 28 2010, 03:22AM
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Joined: Wed Apr 28 2010, 03:16AM
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It seems very nice to me. Nice skin, layout and all.
If its membership, maybe reading some community management articles to get your own creative feel on what would work for you.
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Mon May 02 2011, 01:07PM
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Joined: Mon May 02 2011, 12:59PM
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Ok I have posted twice in the MGC Chatbox Evo post but I am not able to get the support I need. I have searched Google and I was unable to find the help I needed

So I am posting here,

I have MGC Chatbox Evo installed and its running fine, only one issue is that after I installed my new skin I am unable to get the images to show up (buttons for the, OK, BBCode etc)

I thought that I needed to upload the images to my new skin directory but that has no resolved the issues. I am now assuming that I need to change the code or something in order to get my skin to show the images.
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