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Wed Apr 07 2010, 04:20PM
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Joined: Thu Sep 13 2007, 09:03PM
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Can any of those wonderful coders out there point me in the right direction. i'm trying to find a way of editing the track thread option so it will be on by default for anybody who posts a reply to a thread. (basically reverse the default option. On by default but allow the user to un-track if required )
I have posted on, but they told me it works fine the way it is, but people keep forgetting to click the track Thread option.

any help would be gratefully accepted.

Fri Apr 23 2010, 07:05AM
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Joined: Fri Apr 23 2010, 06:57AM
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When the cutscene with the Vagos getting on the train ends, get on the
Sanchez as quickly as possible and speed off WITHOUT letting Big Smoke on.
That's right, leave him behind. The first thing you will notice is that you
are going much faster without him riding with you so you can zip ahead of
the train. However, if you get too far ahead you will fail the mission. But
I am not going very far ahead anyway.

Follow the track and go through the long left turn. Right after the turn is
a road crossing. Just to the left is a small ramp. This goes up to an
elevated walkway then to a wide bridge railing. After climbing that, you
will see another small ramp that will lead you to the top of the 24 Hour
Motel in Idlewood.

Once you are on top of the Motel, get off the bike. From here you can jump
on top of the train as it passes. Don't get too close to the edge of the
roof though, you might jump over the train and land on the ground instead.

If you make it to the top of the train, switch to your M4 then target and
shoot the Vagos. The Vagos are pretty tough (they will quite a few shots to
take down) but, because you are on top of the train instead of on the bike,
they will just stand there making it a lot easier to kill them.

The M4 is easily the best weapon to take out the Vagos. It is powerful and
fast. And you do need to kill them quickly while on the train. Why? Because
if you don't kill them quickly you will be knocked off the train by a low
hanging pedestrian bridge in East Los Santos. It should be noted that you
can't use explosive weapons on the Vagos (even the Rocket Launcher).

Once you kill the Vagos, jump off the train then grab another vehicle. Then
drive back to the ramp that leads up to the bridge rail and to the top of
the 24 Hour Motel to get your Sanchez so you can go pick up Big Smoke. Why
not just use the vehicle you have? Because Big Smoke won't get in any other
vehicle. You NEED to use the Sanchez because the game expects you to ride
with Big Smoke throughout the whole mission.

Get back up to the Motel roof, get on the Sanchez, jump down to ground
level, and ride over to Unity Station to pick up Big Smoke. Then drive Big
Smoke over to his house to complete the mission.

1993 Dodge Colt AC Compressor
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Fri Apr 23 2010, 09:12AM
Registered Member #87207
Joined: Thu Sep 13 2007, 09:03PM
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Neeraj 555
Wed Apr 28 2010, 03:20AM
Registered Member #109377
Joined: Wed Apr 28 2010, 03:16AM
Posts: 8
(The topic title may not necessarily reflect the last update on the page itself, as I often forget to change it)

Check out all of the pages and resources I've made for the GH and RB games! Master lists give detailed info on each of the songs available for each game, especially DLC. The ULTIMATE song list has the full list of songs from all GH and RB games. More cool stuff follows those pages.

Excel sheets can do lots of cool stuff, but only if you have Microsoft Excel on your computer. You can sort, by making sure either no cells or the entire table is highlighted, then click "Data" and "Sort," making sure "Header Row" is selected. From here, choose how you want to sort it, like Artist, Song, Year, Release Date, or any combination. To use auto-filters, click the drop-down menus in the header row. You can use the auto-filters to see all of the songs available by The Police, what songs were made available on Christmas, all guitar songs rated tier 9, etc.

Excel sheets have more options, but not everyone can view them. HTML pages should be viewable by anyone

Rock Band
XLS - [link]
HTML - [link]
by Album - [link]

Guitar Hero World Tour!! (new!)
XLS - [link]
HTML - [link]

Guitar Hero (soon retired!)
XLS - [link]
HTML - [link]

ULTIMATE List - All Games!
XLS - [link]
HTML - [link]

The Loading Screen Project - [link]

All Song Tiers - Sunshine (best viewed widescreen) - [link]
All Song Tiers - BatDan [link]
Rock Band Graphs - Yoshipupdude - [link]

white - RB1 exclusive songs
yellow - Game 1 Setlist (GH3, RB1)
orange - Game 1 Bonus
lightish blue - Game 2 Setlist (GHWT, RB2)
darkish blue - Game 2 Bonus
green - DLC: available
grey - DLC: not available

Master status
C - cover version
M/bold - master track
R/bold - new master, re-recorded for its game

RB - Difficulties (scale 0-6)
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5!

Price Conversions
$1 = 80 MSP
$x = 80x MSP

ULTIMATE Song List Legend - A game abbreviation, and sometimes a second part after it to identify it further. Also, colors may "bleed" into other columns when appropriate (e.g., GH1 tracks for download in GH2 will be red in the GH2 column)
RB - Rock Band (blues)
3 - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (orange)
WT - Guitar Hero: World Tour (orange)
1 - Guitar Hero (red)
2 - Guitar Hero II (lime green)
8 - Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s (magenta)
A - Guitar Herosmith (yellow)
OT - Guitar Hero On Tour (forest green)

Other Stuff
A - American (OT)
B - Bonus
D - Downloadable
E - European (OT)
P - Playstation 3 exclusive
S - Secret (GH1)
X - Xbox 360 exclusive
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Tue Oct 11 2011, 08:47AM
Registered Member #113401
Joined: Sat Aug 06 2011, 03:23AM
Posts: 18
Excel table have more choices, but not everyone can see them...

friday night lights seasons 1-5 dvd boxset
walt disney's 100 years of magic 164 discs dvd boxset
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