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user_extended via URL          
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Wed Mar 31 2010, 09:12PM
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hi! i'm creating a e_module as part of my facebook app (thread here: [link] ) and i'm trying to send some info from the user_extended table via URL so my facebook app reads it via DOM or something like that.

this is my procedure:
i've created an e_module that responds to a new usersettings shortcode i've created with its own template and stuff, the e_module updates some fields on the database and then redirects to an URL that contains user ID and user_extended info, something like this: [link] the problem is tha my e_module won't show all the info, it inly shows user ID, this is my code:

$e_event -> register("postuserset", "update_postuserset");

function update_postuserset($data){
    global $sql, $tp, $usersettings_shortcodes, $pref, $user_shortcodes;;
    $ue = new e107_user_extended;
    $inp = USERID;
    if (isset($_POST['ue'])) {
        foreach($_POST['ue'] as $key => $val)
        if ($sql->db_Select_gen("SELECT * FROM #user_extended WHERE user_somefield>1 AND user_extended_id = '".intval($inp)."'"))/*some validation*/{
        $sql->db_Update("user_extended", $ue_fields." user_somefield=2, user_otherfield=user_otherfield+1 WHERE user_extended_id = '".intval($inp)."' ");/*dababase update*/
            $prog=$sql->db_Select_gen("SELECT user_otherfield FROM #user_extended WHERE user_extended_id = '".intval($inp)."'"); /*here i call for a database field so i can include it in my redirect*/

            $hidd=$sql->db_Select_gen("SELECT user_somefield FROM #user_extended WHERE user_extended_id = '".intval($inp)."'");/*i call another field i want to show*/
        echo '<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1;url='.intval($inp).'&prog='.$prog.'&hidd='.$hidd.' ">'; /*redirect, id'll show no problem, the other 2 won't*/
        echo '<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1;url=">';
    }//ends if _post['ue']

any help or ponting me into the right direction?
Thu Apr 01 2010, 05:08AM
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