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Hosting, 5 worlds!          
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Sat Feb 13 2010, 02:11PM
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I will show you the best hosts I've ever found.
This is made to be short, but filled up with information.

Some Information about HOSTING:

This information is gathered by own experience.
It's more then just this 5 hosting offers / packages in the "Hosting World". But it would take a year to show you all of them. Find more information (Or everything about it..?) here: [link]

Reseller hosting:
It's a package you get from hosts. And it costs alot of cash, but it's not a normal hosting package. It allows you to host other websites. So you can open your own company, without 100's of machines in a room without air.. Just buy a reseller!

Dedicated Hosting:
Dedicated servers is dedicated for you! This is Speed, Uptime and Security in it's best! A dedicated server got it's own IP to, or more then 1.. So this is something every "Gaming Clan" would love to own!

Shared Hosting / Web Hosting / Premium Hosting:
This is a standard web hosting. The package contains FTP access, Domains Options, Code Packages (PHP, Perl, ASP..), Web Space and everything else required to run a website. It's much cheaper then everything else, without the free hosting. And many Hosting companies delivers unlimited futures with their Shared Hosting pagackes. If you just want a website, this is what your after!

Free Web Hosting:
This is the same as Shared Hosting, just weaker, and free. Mostly it spams adds and other things on your website.

VPS stands for: Virtual private server.
This is a mixed hosting, a bit of Shared Hosting, and a bit of Dedicated Hosting. VPS is made for power, uptime, speed and security. It's like a Shared Hosting, with the Dedicated Futures. A VPS hosting should have a Dedicated IP address and alot of space. Even if this sounds great, it's not recommanded for "Web Hosting"...

More about VPS, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller and Free Hosting!

- The cheapest host I've ever seen.
- Send me a Mail if you want it to be even cheaper, I got a fast and easy trick.

This host got a great plan for your use, and it's cheap. I've found a way to get it for half the price (Just 1.95$ Month!)

Here is the standard hosting plan: [link]

- Best free hosting package out there!
- No adds (Add free)
- Free hosting package got one time fee upgrades, read more here: [link]

This has a great plan, both Premium, Free and VPS.
The free hosting plan got something no other hosting companies offers! Read more here: [link]

This is x10hostings Premium (Payed) hosting plan: [link]
This is 10hostings VPS plan: [link]

- 100% clean energy on their computers and servers
- Very stable, and a uptime that few hosts can match
- A great plan, and many payment methodes

This host offers everything, and more. But this time it costs for it. Fatcow have alot of good stuff, 100% clean energy use, a funny name.. But they does also own a great hosting service and packages that will make your hosting life happier! They also have some extra packages for security and other adds, for a fair price.

Fatcows hosting plan: [link]

- Worlds best host, rated by the user
- 100% uptime?!
- An extreme package that you will LOVE!

This is expencive stuff, but everyone can afford it. This has been rated to worlds best host a few years now, and I'm it got it's reasons. This host will give you a whole new insight of hosting!

The HostGators hosting pacakge: [link]
The HostGators reseller pacakge: [link]
The HostGators VPS pacakge: [link]
The HostGators dedicated servers pacakge: [link]

This tutorial, or whatever you want to call it, is writed 100% by me, Sondre B. Aasen / eleljrk
Hope you enjoyed reading.

[ Edited Sat Feb 13 2010, 02:20PM ]
Thu Mar 04 2010, 07:55AM
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