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EasyGallery v1.0          
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Fri Feb 05 2010, 01:09PM
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The EasyGallery plugin creates it's own thumbnails if GD or ImageMagick is installed.
The plugin has been developed with the idea that administrators of a e107 website should be able to quickly just FTP a folder of images.
The plugin is capable of creating thumbnails on the fly. Image descriptions can be added afterwards by users with admin status.
By default, the comments functionality is switched off, but can be switched on.

It is based on the scripting of phpSimpleGallery v2.1.1. Author: Craig Atkins
Date: 18/03/2005 (18th March 05), version: 2.1.1
The phpthumbs.bmp.php is based on the getID3 module.graphic.bmp.php, which is a module for analyzing BMP Image files.
It was modified for use in phpThumb() by James Heinrich 2004.07.27 (27th July 2004).
phpSimpleGallery was branched from Gallery 1.01 by rococheting.

* E107 core v0.7.8 (or newer) installed.
* GD installed (PHP module, installed by default)
* optional: ImageMagick installed (not bundled with PHP)

* Multiple image folders are supported
* Creation of thumbnails on the fly
* Resize of images to maximum size on the fly
* Admin has complete control over uploaded images; delete, move and add images
* Administrator defines user group that is allowed to upload
* Administrator defines number of images per batch upload (1-10)
* Administrator defines if core comment functionality on images is enabled
* Alert of image updates in the admin 'latest' section
* Automatic creation of blank index.html file in image folder to protect from direct viewing
* Application keeps track of who updated which image
* EasyGallery menu that displays a random thumbnail

Read more about this plugin in the EasyGallery Wiki.

View the demonstration EasyGallery.

Download EasyGallery v1.0:

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