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Sat Sep 06 2008, 03:39PM
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Joined: Thu Jan 22 2004, 01:46PM
Location: Stockholm / Sweden
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I have a embryo of my new plugin for clan's/teams..... It is installed on my site so you can check it out.

This one will contain same function as clan info menu but in other order. It will start with teams/squade or what ever you vill call it. Team row could be active roster and hall of fame. Its upp to you.
This one will have same template structure as e107 have in some of default plugins with shortcodes......

Question and other stuff will be replyd on my site. (I have no time to surf around the net)

Happy fraggin all m8's
Thu Oct 23 2008, 05:29AM
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Joined: Thu Jan 22 2004, 01:46PM
Location: Stockholm / Sweden
Posts: 332
Some news...
If you check my site you will find how much is done.

This one reqire that lightbox plugin is installed do work in own pic's at roster detail and other place that is not made yet.

New design.
Avatar in roster detail
Default pic's in roster detail
No limit on own lightbox images.
Own directory for avatars and own images. and many more.......

It will support to have other nicks than member name. However it reqire that you have one site registratet member that host the alias. As i wrote before when i release it as a beta it will have all those stuff that clan info menu have but it's rewriten.

So stay tuned on my site to see the progress. cy out there m8
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Sun Jan 04 2009, 01:47PM
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Joined: Thu Jan 22 2004, 01:46PM
Location: Stockholm / Sweden
Posts: 332
Some new news again.

As i wrote it will handle multigaming clan's. Check up my site and step through Clan Manager link and click on team's to see have the coding is going.
I will also install FB's e_version plugin to handle a version check on this plugin

Every team/squade will have contry flag info, bio and of course a pic to the properies.

My coding is fairly slow but i have not stop to finish it up.

Belowe some info!

Done until now.
  1. Multi team/squad
  2. Multi names(One site member to hold it)
  3. Lightbox is needed
  4. Avater
  5. Team info
  6. New join applicaton
  7. Rank sort
  8. Removed auto member add
  9. Upload clan logo
  10. Easy to Change clan logo
  11. Members has his own pic folder
  12. Teams has also own pic folder
  13. .....

To Do before a beta release:
  1. Challenge us application
  2. Admin Challenge us
  3. General Challenge settings
  4. New Challenge Stats
  5. Maintain Challenge
  6. Version check in admin
  7. Rebuild Q&A
  8. ......

Cu out there m8's
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Thu Aug 25 2011, 07:49AM
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Joined: Thu Aug 25 2011, 05:17AM
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Wed Sep 07 2011, 07:49AM
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Joined: Wed Sep 07 2011, 07:45AM
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