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Thu Jul 26 2007, 05:39PM
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So I started to build my e107 site in ianuary this year and hosted on the They offered a lot of bandwidth and that's what attracted me. Also msq, smtp (for 50 forum posts) and fsockopen + own domain name hosting. And that was enough for me. The site was fully functional in the february.
Anyway, until then, I kept improving it so in the end it was some kind of portal with everything. So I basically worked all the time on that site, I reached 2500 users, another 500 into a site directory (plugin) and some other 350 into a toplist (also, integrated into e107).
But slowly-slowly started to charge for services and to impose new restrictions. All the things they say were free, when I opened the account and sent them the ID/bank account copies, are not free anymore. Sometimes they deleted my domain cause it has more then 200 visitors/day (they say is a new rule) but the subdomain was functional !?! I recently received a message telling me to pay for mysql now, cause it will not be free anymore !!! I didn't upgrade, cause I had a remote copy to use, so I said to myself they can delete de database (hopefully they'll not extract the emails of my users and spam those guys - but who knows:()
Two weeks ago my site just gone away and also my account. I can't login to my account and have no site now. And I do know it was not hacked cause I used only my computer to login (which is pretty safe) and it was not breaking any of the rules. So I sent email to them, also opened help ticked request and posts on their technical support forum. My emails still have no answer, my ticket support just 'dissapeared' and my forum thread got locked: [link] .
All this made me guess that they're starting to clean the servers of those people who didn't give them any money, probably they don't want to be free anymore. I didn't needed to pay for any upgrade cause I was happy with the free hosting plan, even with all those restrictions coming from nowhere, I managed to find an alternative sollution for my site to work. And I even displayed their banner on my pages, in sign of appreciation :)
Now, like I said before, I have no e107 site (must build a new one) and it seems those guys just ignores me. So I must start to build the site again, maybe faster now, cause I have a half year experience, lol...
So, my advice for anyone is: don't host your site on cause you might just have the same faith. If you have a free site on, make fast a backup and start to build it somewhere else. If you don't want to leave 110mb at least have a mirror site prepared somewhere else. The first advice: if you can afford it, choose paid host from the start - I didn't wanted to pay cause my site was non-profit, so it wouldn't seemed right to me to pay for it. But I was wrong, cause I've just losed half year, not only an e107 site.
I do hope this will not happen to any of you.
Good luck!

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