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The best free host every found!          
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Mon Jul 02 2007, 06:22AM
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Joined: Mon Nov 27 2006, 01:07PM
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I currently use host and it is the bomb!

Only problem is they are getting a lot of clients so register is limited from time to time. But here is some info.

my website is [link]

Network Specifications
110MB is powered by Quad Intel Xeon Servers operating in a cluster-based environment. In plain english: lots of servers connected together rather then 1 server which hosts all the members as is true for 99% of free hosts, since they can't afford extra servers. Meaning that if one 110MB server goes down temporarily, your site will be entirely unaffected -- ensuring maximum data protection and uptime for your site.
- 24/7 helpdesk & forum for instant answers - 99.13/99.18/99.64% Uptime (March/April/May data.)
- 24/7 server monitoring to recover "trouble" - Own server held company
- Using Debian Linux OS running on Apache 2.0 - No traces of forced ads anywhere. Clean page.

- 2 GB (2000 MB) web space - 100 GB (100,000 MB) monthly transfer
- 5 MB max file size upload limit (See file hosting directory to store bigger files or if storing files only.) - FTP Access (CHMOD Allowed)
- MySQL Database v5.0 * - GD Lib support
- PHP v5.1.4 - Mod_Rewrite Enabled
- Shockwave & Flash - Run Zend encoded scripts (Zend Optimizer)
- XML support - CURL enabled
- SSI support * - Online File Manager (Unzip compressed files from the server!)
- ImageMagick support - 110DBManager (better then phpMyAdmin)
- Zlib Enabled - Run IonCube encoded PHP scripts
- Total CGI and Perl scripts support (.cgi, .pl) * - ASP pages support (.asp) *
- Python support (TorrentFlux not allowed!) * - IceCast support *
- FrontPage Extensions * - Curl *
- DOM XML support * - Sendmail and/or Register_Globals ON *
- Safe Mode OFF - Push-Button Application Installer (supports 20+ CMS/forum scripts) HOT!

[ Edited Mon Jul 02 2007, 06:22AM ]
Mon Nov 19 2007, 05:10PM
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Joined: Fri Jun 22 2007, 09:34PM
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your site is down. try paying the 10$ for mysql that 110mb charges now, and then maybe ur site will be back up :D
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Penguin Comrade
Thu Dec 27 2007, 01:00PM
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Joined: Wed Nov 07 2007, 10:20AM
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Bleh, 110mb used to be good now they're nothing more but a bunch of greedy people just paying for the essentials that other hosts offer for free.
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Mon Feb 21 2011, 06:22AM
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Joined: Fri Feb 18 2011, 10:40AM
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can someone tell me if is really reliable or not?

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Wed Mar 09 2011, 12:17PM
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Joined: Thu Feb 24 2011, 06:12AM
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This is the best hosting site that I have ever found.Have a look at the following website.hope it will helps you.

It consulting services
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Wed May 25 2011, 11:00AM
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Joined: Fri Apr 23 2010, 06:57AM
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MY dear first of all i want to clear you no one can give
# UNLIMITED Disk Space
# UNLIMITED Bandwidth

all web hosting provide show this message but this is totally flash

Thank you

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