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Atrox Mavenia
Fri Apr 06 2007, 03:19PM
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Joined: Mon Apr 02 2007, 07:02PM
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I'm currently working on making a badge plugin for e107. Admins will be able to create badges that can be awarded to players manually or automatically based on certain preset rules. The badges will then show up under the avatar when the user posts. I'm also going to have a page that will list all the badges and players that have them.

Only problems I'm running into so far is I've never worked with e107 before.. :P I used a template plugin to get it all installing and everything, except it's not creating the SQL tables properly and I've checked the syntax. Not sure why that's not working. But really the only other thing I'll have a problem with is figuring out how to insert it into viewtopic. I haven't figured out how e107 handles that yet. It's nothing like templates in phpBB. If anyone wants to help, I'd appreciate it. :)
Thu Apr 19 2007, 04:36PM
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Joined: Mon Aug 18 2003, 03:59PM
Location: USA
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post the syntax you are using for sql table creation
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Mon Apr 30 2007, 02:41AM
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Joined: Wed Feb 14 2007, 01:34AM
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Looking forward to this plugin.
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Wed Jun 15 2011, 10:08AM
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Joined: Sat Jun 11 2011, 12:19PM
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what is the name of that plugin send me a PM
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