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Post Reply in Forum (e107 v.78) no longer shows. Any ideas?          
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Thu Feb 22 2007, 12:48AM
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Joined: Thu Sep 08 2005, 11:51PM
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Hi guys

Need a bit of help here. Don't know when but I have lost the "post replay" page (not the quick reply though) in my forums. Bit annoying!! They did work OK but something changed and now you just get a blank page when you click on "post reply". I have reloaded v0.78 but still no show. I have recntly loaded and installed a few plugins and wondered if this could be the cause of my problems. These are FAQS from Bazzer, Lighbox and Scroller. These all work fine.

I am using lamb as my site theme. My website is [link]

Can anyone help?

Thanks and regards
Sat Apr 07 2007, 06:03AM
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Joined: Wed Jan 11 2006, 02:06PM
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I have the same problem, I am using the same theme ... it was working fine ... i upgradet to 0.7.8 .. it was working .. and after a 10-12 days it stopped ...
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Sat Apr 07 2007, 07:30PM

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Joined: Sun Jan 07 2007, 03:28PM
Location: Germany
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1.could you maybe make a temporary forum where guests can post?
2.what plugins do you have installed?
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Sat Apr 14 2007, 07:32PM
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Joined: Sat Apr 14 2007, 10:44AM
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Using a completely different theme and having the same problem.
No red buttons on new posts

Site Theme:

Forum Version 1.2
Private Messenger Version 3.0
Poll Version 2.0


[ Edited Sun Apr 15 2007, 09:17AM ]
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Sat Apr 14 2007, 08:43PM
Registered Member #18890
Joined: Tue Nov 30 2004, 05:03PM
Posts: 942
Please post links to your sites. Also, a test account would be handy to see the problem in action.

Run the database and file integrity checkers.
If everything checks out, go to page that's coming up blank, and append the following to its URL: ?[debug=all]

If any errors come up, post back here.
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Thu Aug 09 2007, 07:58PM
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Joined: Fri May 12 2006, 12:30PM
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i have the same problem :S
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RJ Connell
Fri Aug 31 2007, 03:54AM
Registered Member #85754
Joined: Fri Aug 17 2007, 04:47PM
Posts: 4
has anyone figured anything out with this ... I am having the exact same problem and it is driving me nuts.

One more thing to add - The quote button works fine, so you can reply with quote, but the normal reply button is broke ... its something with the ?rp.X (where X = the message number).
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Fri Aug 31 2007, 08:26AM
Registered Member #74641
Joined: Fri Feb 23 2007, 12:44PM
Posts: 1
This was fixed a while ago, have you checked here: [link]
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