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Mon Jan 15 2007, 07:02PM
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Joined: Fri Sep 10 2004, 09:42PM
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So I have been looking to see if anyone has attempted this plugin. I have not seen any requests yet, and I dont know how to code this if it were possible. So I leave this suggestion to the community.

So you have an XBOX Live clan kinda thing, or a bunch of friends that you want to have a dedicated and personalised site to goto and talk with. And it would be nice to see scores/achievements/games played within the site you have. There are many sites like that have quite the comprehensive stats for you and your friends to view.

Would there be a way to incorporate such an idea into an e107 plugin that you can define the gamernames of the friends you play with and post their scores in a menu thats scrolls everyones names and scores. And also when the menu is clicked on, it opens up comprehensive stats taken from microsoft for all your players.

Another idea for the plugin is have the option to include your XBOX Live ID name in the signup/registration page for your e107 site. It would then automatically place the information into the plugin and will update accordingly.

Think this is possible?
Tue Apr 17 2007, 06:31PM
Registered Member #50596
Joined: Mon May 01 2006, 10:49AM
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this would be soooooooo useful to me, i will pay for it too :)
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Tue Apr 17 2007, 07:58PM
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Joined: Tue Nov 30 2004, 05:03PM
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Where is it supposed to get the information from?
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Sat Jul 09 2011, 01:28AM
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Joined: Thu Jun 02 2011, 07:21AM
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ok, thank you very much, i like it.
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Wed Aug 17 2011, 08:59AM
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Joined: Wed Aug 17 2011, 08:43AM
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