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WorkFlow Plugin          
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Wed May 10 2006, 02:46PM
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I am looking for a plugin for E107 that will function as a workflow/tracking system. We currently have an access database that we use to enter work logs into to track what we do on a daily basis. For instance: If we check the antivirus definitions on a server we would go into the database, click add activity, drop down a box and select Virus Definitions, then add the information to the text box below. Also we have to input tickets into the system and track those and what we do to them. IN addition we have to send a daily report of all of this information. I am looking for a plugin that will do this and generate a report on demand. It does not have to send one automatically. This is quite complicated but If a plugin like this was available, I think that alot of people that use E107 for an intranet page would use it. If anyone thinks this is possible or wants some more detailed information you can reply to this post or email me at [email] I appreciate anyone who takes this into consideration.
Thundermoon Ent.
Fri May 12 2006, 08:47PM
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From your description you might be satisfied with the bugtracker plugin.

I have been considering writing a true workflow system as a way to contribute to the e107 community. It would be similar to a tracking system like bugtracker, but also include the ability to design business processes into the system.

So, for instance, if you submitted a request (a bug report for instance) the system would know it has to be assigned to person A for evaluation and approval. It goes into person A's workflow queue. When person A looks at it and approves it (i.e. it's a valid bug, not just a comment) it gets forwarded Person B (the next person in the workflow.) For instance, it might get assigned to a developer. Rejected requests can trigger emails or other actions, or bump a request back up in the queue.

Sad to say I'm extremely busy at the moment. I might be able to begin work later in the summer. FYI... I wouldn't be planning on selling this system. Just publishing it here to pay back my debt to GPL. If anyone is interested in something like this drop a note here.
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