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if (!defined('e107_INIT')) { exit; }          
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Fri Mar 31 2006, 08:06PM
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Joined: Tue Mar 21 2006, 04:41PM
Posts: 17
What does it do?
How do I use it?

I have the line commented out in my attempt at a plugin ( plugin thread) if I uncomment it nothing works...
I've seen it everywhere so my guess is that it IS nedded, whatfor?
I donno, but I can emagine it has something to do with checking weither someone is loggedin or not... Just a wild guess though...
Sat Apr 01 2006, 05:57PM

Registered Member #22953
Joined: Fri Mar 25 2005, 11:21AM
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It just indicates that e107 has been initialised correctly. You don;t need it in your main plugin file but should put it in, for example, menu files or any file that is included by e107 and not your main plugin page.
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