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Tournament Module          
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Thu Dec 29 2005, 12:11AM
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In brief: I'm remaking a tournament module (such as that online leagues for popular PC games would use), and am curious if anybody else is working on such a thing, or even if it's already been finished. I run LAN events (co founded with another developer several years ago), and we use it to organise gaming events at the LANs.

Current status: earlier version of tournament system mostly completed before requirements changed enough to obsolete it. Have currently finished analysis and design for second version, working through the Database Layer implementation atm (should be finished very soon) before moving on to the core logic layer (then the API's, and finally the interfaces). Currently mostly a 1-man effort, although I bounce a lot of ideas off developers I know.

Problems with first generation: didn't account for various now-needed features such as random team formation, online tournaments. Rushed/hacked from day one - no formal analysis or design (which led to a brittle hackish architecture). Link to first gen online:

Stated project goal (as in design docs): "The goal is to create a modular, multi-language, easily extensible set of PHP libraries and resources for organising and running online and LAN tournaments."

Philosophical features: extensible to support different CMS's, different DB's, and different output formats (HTML, XHMTL, plaintext). Support for multi-language content. API's designed to support all W3C accessibility guidelines practically attainable. Intent to GPL code once to an acceptable standard.

More pragmatic features: supports leagues run at LANs, or online. Supports casual or formal leagues. ASSUMES LEAGUE ADMIN COMPETENCE (I'm not interested in making this noob-friendly). Allows team or individual tournaments in various formats (elim, double elim, round robin, ladders) and in various stages (qualifiers, main tournament, finals series). Provides player history. Archives previously run leagues' information. Administration for individual tournaments can be delegated extensively. Team administration also delegatable. Tournament admins able to post polls, news on a tournament. Players able to virtually bet on the results of matches. Matches able to be rescheduled, have player-entered scores. Etc, etc...

I've searched through both the e107coders and e107 forums, as well as had a good look around - and while there are a large number of tournament systems out there, the only good ones I can see for e107 are all proprietary (including, heh, our first generation attempt).

I'm looking for any similar projects in existance, (I'd rather not reinvent the wheel - unless ofc the current wheel sucks) and/or other developers interested in much the same thing (not necissarily to 'join my cause' - discussion alone would be hugely beneficial).

Concrete example of current scope: current UML class diagram:
(SVG 1.1)

please excuse the double post here and @<br />

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Thu Dec 29 2005, 12:15AM
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OK, seriously - that's farked. I posted the same test with the same formatting on the boards and it worked fine. It's bad enough that the forum post input is JavaBS-ized and inaccessible (breaks ctrl-c, ctrl-v, breaks middle click paste) - but it doesn't seem to be putting endlines in.

Quick guess - it only recognises Windows endlines? >_>

[edit] Yup - turn off Javascript, which gets rid of the script on the editing box, and it works properly.

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Thu Dec 29 2005, 10:03AM
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Hi m8 check this
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Thu Dec 29 2005, 08:08PM
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Yeah, saw your thread. There's no info there though, just talk ;) It a appears my links were clipped out. I'll add them again - UML class diagram (SVG 1.1):

Previous attempt:

Hmm, the javascript on this website doesn't work at all here :x... (Firefox 1.5, Fedora Core 4)

[edit] that didn't come out right - I must be grumpy today. What I mean isn't 'you suck', I just mean - I can't actualy tell what you're doing in terms of scope or progress. (it's a hint to post some evidence of either) From the brevity of your discourse in that thread I'll assume the scope is much reduced from what I'm attempting though (see UML diagram).

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Wed Mar 01 2006, 02:24PM
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While the project is not for e107 (PHPNuke and CPG Dragonfly) there is an amazing and fully featured module at

You can see it running on my site at

The link to it is under "competition" in the left menu. Since it's Open Source, Roper would probably let you port it. Given it's amazing power and versatility, I would suggest you see if it's possible and, if so, work with it.

At the moment I'm thinking of switching over to e107, but keeping a Dragonfly site for our competitions because of that software. If something were made available here to rival it, I would make a complete switch and that would simplify my life immensely!

I'm having trouble posting the links so PM me if they don't come through.

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Mon Mar 06 2006, 11:23PM
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Impressive to say the least. :)

Would be nice to get that working under e107. The file/coding layout is a bit alien to me. although still training myself in PHP
mComp v3.0 for dragonfly
I've got my sports site setup with all the other features and I'm about to start looking into this area.

then there is the Nextel plugin which is good but not quite as close as this.

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