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Integrate a external site/page          
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Wed Aug 31 2005, 03:03AM
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Hey all,

first of all a very nice job to all coders, programmers and so forth for making this all available. Awesome work!!

I searched the site for the following plugin or something of that kind, but couldn't find anything. Well then, here's my request:

I'd like to see some kind of plugin that lets you create a link inside the menu, which then displays an external site or page. For instance a link that says "Forum"; when clicking it, it'll show an external forum, but inside an iframe, if that works.

I mean, I started a forum, and now I'm creating this portal around it. So I was thinking that perhaps it'll be possible to integrate the two things, without having to use the forum that comes with e107. So when clicking the link, the forum will be displayed within the same page/window, just like the downloads or members page ( --> so it won't open a new window).

Hope I explained it clear enough. If not, please ask what you don't understand.

Thanks for listening,

Wed Aug 31 2005, 05:19AM

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Search for wrapper plugin in downloads.
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Wed Aug 31 2005, 02:54PM
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Joined: Wed Aug 31 2005, 02:48AM
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Ah okay, will do so!

Thanks for the quick reply, and sorry I didn't find it in the first place :(.
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