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Thu Aug 18 2005, 05:37AM
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Joined: Mon Sep 29 2003, 04:19PM
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This forum is for posting plugin suggestions. That means you have an idea for a plugin that does not yet exist and are hoping someone will make it for you. Please post appropriately. This is not to telll people you are looking for a plugin. There is a search function that can do that.

1. Please make a clear title. This should include a very brief description of the plugin.
Good examples: Restaurant review plugin. Midi menu plugin.
Bad examples: Help! Someone pls make me this. I need this!

2. Be as specific as possible. Do as much of the thinkwork of what you want, how it should work. This makes it easier for a coder to understand and more willing to take up the task because it's less work for him/her. Think about even including html pages of what the output should look like, or the sql table structure. (Like Word of Excel)

3. This is a bit more advanced. There is a difference between a plugin and a hack. A hack changes the way a script works. If you want something added to a certain script, such as a new functionality, that is a hack. I know there is no place to post hack requests, so just please clarify that when posting.
A plugin on the other hand does something new. It adds a new section to e107. For example, the Private Messenger is a plugin. An auto scrolling chatbox would be a hack of the current chatbox.

Also, if you really want something, consider learning PHP. It really is not that hard. Pick up a well written code and try to read it. It's a simple foreign language.
Thu Aug 18 2005, 03:54PM
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Joined: Thu Jul 21 2005, 11:46AM
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Oh someone please make this a sticky!
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Fri Aug 19 2005, 07:02AM

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Joined: Sat Jan 03 2004, 05:32PM
Location: Toronto, Canada
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Done. Well said, vilhelm.
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Fri Sep 30 2005, 01:43PM
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Joined: Wed May 25 2005, 07:11PM
Location: Hayden Idaho
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If this was Red vs Blue i would give you a +1 cool... but its not so ill just say well put
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Sat Apr 22 2006, 07:00PM
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Joined: Fri Aug 13 2004, 07:09AM
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Is bumping allowed? I know some places put restrictions on bumpings threads. I don't want to bump and get yelled at.
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Thu Oct 26 2006, 06:02PM
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Joined: Wed Oct 25 2006, 03:41PM
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I from Russia Help me to found plugin Golosovamia =)
Я из России помогите найти ПлАгин Голосования

[ Edited Thu Oct 26 2006, 06:03PM ]
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Wed Mar 21 2007, 05:38PM
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Joined: Tue Nov 28 2006, 10:46AM
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Sun Sep 14 2008, 11:01AM
Registered Member #99528
Joined: Sat Sep 13 2008, 01:57PM
Posts: 5
XP_VIRUS_XP wrote ...

I from Russia Help me to found plugin Golosovamia =)
Я из России помогите найти ПлАгин Голосования

Голосование по англ poll=))
Im from Ukraine=)Anybody,help me to found BIG interesting plagin with games
Pleeeeeeeeease,help me=)

[ Edited Sun Sep 14 2008, 11:02AM ]
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Wed Sep 01 2010, 07:18AM
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Joined: Wed Sep 01 2010, 07:10AM
Posts: 1
what's this plugin and what this use
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Sat Oct 16 2010, 12:58AM
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Joined: Sat Oct 16 2010, 12:13AM
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