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A few Errors and Bugs..          
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Sat Jul 23 2005, 09:37AM
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Joined: Sat Jul 02 2005, 08:46PM
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I have a few bugs and errors in my Installation i´m using
Version v0.6171
and Coppermine 1.3.2b
i am on a hosted website with
PHP 5.03
Mysql 4.0.23a

Back to my Bugs..
1. First one.
In my Plugin manager i can see all plugins and i can Install/Uninstall them, well thats really all i can.
if i would like to Administer them there is only a Blank page with a logo on top.
this is for now the following Plugins:
Event Calender

Any ideas ? please.. :)

2. In my Coppermine installation wich is working smooth give and take som things.. :-)
i cant upload more than on file at a time, why is that..

i Should say that my host is running in Safe mode. but that shouldent be a problem or...

Please can anybody help me.

regards tio
Mon Sep 05 2005, 07:02AM
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Joined: Sun Mar 06 2005, 09:59AM
Posts: 35
I'm sorry no one has answered this for over a month, but this is a rather simple fix. The problem is more than likely that you don't have thour "perms" set to "0." In this case, you will have to go to the administrators panel where it lists the admins and their permissions. Find your username and click "edit." You should see your permissions down below. Scroll to the bottom of the page where the Plugins are listed and click the check boxes to the items you don't have access to. You should be al set!

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