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Book/Movie catalog system along with links to reviews          
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Wed Jun 01 2005, 09:35PM
Registered Member #26125
Joined: Wed Jun 01 2005, 08:45PM
Posts: 3
I'd like to suggest a book/move catalog system.

This would be based on:

Item - Item#/ItemType (Book/Movie)/Series#

Individual - Individual#/name/dob/dod/bio

Function - Function#/Item#/Position (Author/editor/director/actor/artist) / Role (name of character played if actor)/Individual#

Alias - Alias#/Individual#/Alias(their pseudonym)

Series - Series#/SeriesName (e.g., Star Wars)

Primary Character - PrimaryCha#/CharacterName (e.g., James Bond)/Series#

ItemTitle - ItemTitle#/Title/Description

Item Image - ItemImage#/Item#/Type (cover/poster/still)/ the image itself

IndividualImage - IndividualImage#/Individual#/the image itself

The linking units are the ones with # at the end.

In addition to allowing people add new items/individuals/etc, and search by those and the other categories, it would be nice to allow this to be tied to user reviews as well, but I guess reviews would be another module.

This would be useful for some, I'm sure - alas, my programming knowledge is nil.
Wed Jun 01 2005, 09:39PM
Registered Member #26125
Joined: Wed Jun 01 2005, 08:45PM
Posts: 3
Adendum - Multiple Actors/authors etc....would be necessary of course. And a given individual may have more than one Function.
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