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Mon Feb 28 2005, 01:48PM
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Joined: Mon Feb 28 2005, 01:42PM
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Would it not be time for E107 to support SMF, I am so sick of all explouts in my current PHPBB and hopes that someone else except for me wants a such plugin since SMF is very popular.
Mon Feb 28 2005, 02:04PM
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Joined: Sat Jun 26 2004, 05:31PM
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what does it have that e107 doesnt?
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Sun Apr 03 2005, 10:38AM
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Joined: Sun Apr 03 2005, 10:27AM
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This is a joke, is'nt it??

[link] - look here and think again, your Forum is much worse than the SMF!!

And I want it, too!! I expect a combined Regristation. If you register in the e107 you also write the tables in the SMF-DB or the other way around the e107-menu I won't expect, but it could be a nice feature!!
I know the Plugin for the Invision Power Board, but that forum I don't like as much as the SMF!
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Sun Apr 03 2005, 10:58AM
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Joined: Sat Jun 26 2004, 05:31PM
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I'll ask again

What does that forum have that e107 doesn't?

in terms of features, capabilities, themes, add-ons?

or is it just that you dont want to use the e107 forum? as i would suggest that you think about what is more important to your site if that is the case

if your forum is the most important part of your site, then build your site around the forum software of your choice

if the content of your site is more important than your forum, build your site around the content using the best tool you can, using whatever forum works

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Tue Apr 05 2005, 06:46PM
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Joined: Sun Apr 03 2005, 10:27AM
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Yes you exactly explained my problem!!

Our site is extremly important, because there you can find the second-most downloads to the topic in the hohle german room, in a few weeks the most (hope so) and this chatbox is pretty nice and news of course too, but your forum is not as nice as the rest. (sorry)
for me (and the other 2 admins) it is too small too minimalistic!!

For example now that i can not upload a file to my post and there are less BBCode-Options!

But the Forum is important, too!! I know the Simple Machines Team want's to make their own CMS and I know there is a plugin for Mambo CMS, but e107 is very nice, wrote it at the beginning....

I can understand why you want to use the own one, but at least now we use the PhpBB and the only positive one in this board is "one-login4both-ones"!!

So I hope you think again and at least try it, because so you can concuraise (think this word is wrong ~ rival concurrent) with the Simple Machines CMS!!

thx hellowelt2

From Germany sorry...
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Fri Apr 08 2005, 12:08AM

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Joined: Wed Mar 30 2005, 01:58AM
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Hi, i have a similar problem. i have tried out e107 and like it. but i have a problem with the forums. i will stick with e107 if SMF could integrate with e107.

SMF has 30 SSI functions that let you easily integrate SMF with your website even if you aren't that familiar with the system.

it has many different functions and modifications that the current forums system doesn't have.

SMF can be found here:

that has some examples of ssi stuff.
the developers and project managers here will gladly answer any questions you may have (including any licensing issues).

so i implore you to please try integrating e107 with SMF like a plugin. i knwo i am not the olnly one who wants this.
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Sat Apr 09 2005, 08:30PM
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Joined: Sun Apr 03 2005, 10:27AM
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Think you all see, that the SMF is important!!
Really hope anybody can do/try it!
mfg hallowelt2
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Mon Apr 25 2005, 07:53PM

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Joined: Mon Apr 25 2005, 06:04PM
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
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I found this after browsing the web, and since I'm an SMF Support Specialist, I thought I'd chime in on this issue.

I just previewed e107 at and took a good look at the forums. Since someone asked, here is a list of all the features that SMF has that the current e107 forums system doesn't...

Collapsable categories - allow users to hide all the boards (forums) in a particular category ("parent").

Sub-boards - boards within boards - keeps the main index from getting too cluttered; unlimited nesting allows for greater organization (sub-sub-boards, sub-sub-sub-boards, etc.)

Unlimited membergroups (both regular groups [such as Administrator] and post-based groups ("ranks")), and members can be in more than one group (1 "primary" group [group title is displayed in forums, along with stars (rank image) if any] and unlimited "secondary" groups (group name is not displayed anyplace, but permissions and board access priveleges still have effect)

Multiple smiley sets - Greater customization. Admin can choose to let users select their own smiley set, or just have a different set to match each theme.

Wireless modes - Allow your users to browse and post from a wireless device. Supports WAP (WML 1.0), WAP2 (WML 2.0) and iMode.

XML/RSS/RSS2 feeds - Syndicate posts to your liking, add it as a "live bookmark" in Firefox (creates a folder with bookmarks to each item in the feed) or just subscribe using Thunderbird or another RSS reader.

Powerful permissions system - Specify exactly which group(s) can do what and where they can do it. Ability to set permissions globally (for the entire board) and locally (only for that specific board - useful for setting up announcement boards - let users reply to the announcements, but don't let them post new topics or new polls there).

Better poll system - All I could find in e107 was an option to enable polls. In SMF, you've got this (along with a 3rd option - show existing polls as topics), along with permissions:

View polls
Vote in polls (note: SMF does not support guest voting because there is no way to prevent guests from voting more than once)
Post polls
Add poll to topics [add a poll to an existing topic] (Own topics / Any topics)
Edit polls (Own poll / Any poll)
Lock polls (Own poll / Any poll)
Remove polls (Own poll / Any poll)

In addition, there are these user options:
No limit on the number of poll options
Ability to specify how many options a user can vote for
Ability to specify whether or not users can change their vote
Ability to specify how long the poll lasts
Ability to specify when to show results (show to anyone, show only after voting or show only after poll expires [if applicable])

This allows for more interactive polls and more fun (example: On one of my boards, I posted a poll allowing my users to vote for their 3 favorite varieties of Girl Scout cookies - most other forum systems would only allow users to vote for one option).

Spell checker (requires ASpell, a PHP library that most hosts should install if they don't already have it) - very useful, especially because it checks spelling in the user's own language, assuming the host has the proper dictionary installed)

Package manager - install new features through the admin center quickly and easily without ever having to touch your code. This also allows for easier upgrading.

Powerful template system - No confusing "styles" and "skins"... Just a bunch of template files to allow you to easily control the look and layout of every section of the board. No need to copy every language file and template to every theme - use only the ones that you need - if a template file or language file isn't found in a theme's directory, the one from the default theme is used instead. Example of themes: Simplicity (try doing that with another system), ChatBubbles2, ElemenT (for best effect with the first two, read a topic...). "Theme options" are options relating to the look and layout of the board, and can be set differently for each theme. Users also have several options relating to the look and layout that they can change.

Attachments - admin can control what filetypes can be uploaded, how many attachments per post (yes, you can upload multiple attachments), the maximum size of each attachment and the maximum total size of all attachments, as well as who can upload attachments (and who can view them).

Avatars - use directories to categorize your avatars (example: I have a "Hamtaro" directory containing a bunch of avatars relating to Hamtaro, and also an "Actors" directory containing avatars of well-known actors/actresses). No annoying "Gallery" that wastes bandwidth and takes forever to load. User can preview only the avatars that they want to preview. You can also allow users to use a remote avatar or upload their own, and (with the help of some features from the GD library), resize those that are too big (by specifying a maximum height and/or width). Users can choose whether or not they want to view other users' avatars as well...

Calendar - Announce birthdays, keep track of upcoming holidays and add your own events. (More on that in a bit).

Who's online - Not only can you see who is currently online, you can also see what each person is doing (depending on the permissions set by the admin). Users can choose to login as "Hidden" to prevent others (except for admins and certain other users [again, depending on permissions]) from seeing this info. Admin has complete control over who can see what and how much is displayed when viewing a board or topic (don't display anything, display only the numbers (5 members and 6 guests are viewing this topic) or display the names (Member1, Member2, Member3, Member4, Member5 and 6 guests are viewing this topic).

Registration - in addition to the standard email-activation method, SMF has a couple of other registration methods - Admin approval and "disabled". Admin Approval will allow anyone to join, but an admin will have to approve their account before they can login and do anything. "Disabled" means that nobody can register (only the admin can register users through the admin center).

Bans - Powerful ban system - ban by username, IP address, email address, host name or a combination of any of those. Choose whether to ban from posting or from registering, and how long the ban will last. Use wildcards to (for example) ban people from registering with email addresses from certain free mail providers, and ban entire ranges of IP addresses (to stop dialup users).

Error log - keeps track of any errors encountered by users, so you can keep your forum working properly, and also assist users who might have trouble doing something. Logs the following details:
Name of user (or "Guest" if they were a guest)
Session ID
IP address
Error message
Date of error
URL where error occurred

You can then filter (or sort) the log by any of these to help narrow down a problem. Similarly, annoying PHP error messages are often hidden from users to prevent problems and to avoid confusing the user (example: If you have a parse error in one of your templates, the user simply gets a "Template parse error" message and is asked to try again or use the default theme, while the admin gets a bit more of a detailed message and a link to access the file directly to see exactly what the error is).

Mod log - this logs all moderation actions (locking/moving/deleting/editing posts, etc.) so you can keep track of what your moderators (and other users) are doing. Great for dispute resolution. (Note: This can be disabled if you don't want it)

Recycle bin - Specify one board as a "Recycling Bin", and any topic or post that is deleted gets moved to this board for future reference.

Themes - install themes quickly and easily through the admin center with just a few clicks. Ability to specify which theme to use for each board and whether or not to override the member's theme (if you choose this, the theme you selected will always be used, no matter what the user has selected. Otherwise, it will only be used if the user has their theme set at "Forum or Board Default"). (To preview all available SMF themes, go to my test board at [link] - I've got all 86 installed there).

SSI.php - this is one of SMF's best features. SSI.php is a file containing 30-something functions available for integrating SMF with your website. This makes it much easier to integrate things without having to hack code or spend hours trying to figure out how to do something. With each function, you can specify the output method - either echo or array. Echo just displays the information complete with HTML, while array returns an array of information allowing you to customize the layout to your liking. You don't have to use PHP either. SMF also supports the standard Server Side Includes.

More details on SSI.php and its functions can be found at [link] and [link]

I encourage you to look into integrating SMF and e107. Currently, Mambo is the most popular CMS amongst SMF users simply because someone took the time to write a bridge to integrate the two (and continues to help users with any problems they might have). MKPortal is also popular.

The list of features I've provided here is only a small sample of what SMF has to offer. For a more complete list, see [link]

For a list of all current "mods" (hacks) available for SMF, go to [link]

Demo boards:
[link] (official - read first post for login info) - For security reasons, some features here have been disabled
[link] (username: admin / password: demo) - Nothing disabled here

EDIT: What's up with the code tag not working? I wanted to show examples of how SSI.php is used, but the code tags get replaced with <div class='indent'> and </div> :|
<span class='smallblacktext'>[ Edited Mon Apr 25 2005, 02:58PM ]</span>
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Thu Feb 03 2011, 07:22AM
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i think e107 is the best cms nowadays
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Tue Oct 11 2011, 08:50AM
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Joined: Sat Aug 06 2011, 03:23AM
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Or just because you don't want to use e107 BBS? I suggest you think about what, more important is to your web site, if that is the case...

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