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Communication 0.7 [ PM, EChat, IRChat, Buddy List etc. ]

phpfreechat v1.6.2
Author eaonflux
Author email [email]
Author website [link]
Description PHPFreeChat Plugin uses PHPFreeChat v1.0 Final

Install Instructions
To Install just Unzip, put the dir phpfreechat_menu in your e107_plugins dir then install in the plugins admin panel

Give the web server write rights to
phpfreechat_menu/data/public and
phpfreechat_menu/data/private directories.
If you are using FTP:
CHMOD 777 phpfreechat_menu/data/private
CHMOD 777 phpfreechat_menu/data/public
If you are using SSH:
chmod 777 phpfreechat_menu/data/*
Tip: On the lastest version 1.x maybe it will not work and it will
show you 'Error: the chat cannot be loaded!...' ,
then try with 755 rights

it has also the quiz bot and some extra commands.
Just type in the chat /help

grtz, eaonflux

--- Add your changes here ---
I want to thank Moonbase for his effort, visit his page if ya got the time for it.

Moonbase made the following changes:

version 1.6.1

Changelog (vanaf v1.5):

Rev 46:
PhpFreeChat Plugin v1.6.1. Avatars in NickWhoisBox will only show if the user HAS an avatar in e107 (no broken image links anymore). Updated readme and plugin version.

Rev 45:
Changed 'customize.js.php' to display the NickWhoisBox again for the themes blune, cerutti, green, phoenity and zilveer. (usermeta changed from array to class)

Rev 44:
NickWhoisBox now working again: 'usermeta' is not an array anymore but now has 'get' and 'set' methods. Changed customize.js.php accordingly.

Rev 42:
Added eggdrop type looging class to phpFreeChat (egglog.class.php). Add 'egglog' to the chat's 'post_proxies' parameter to activate. Detailed info at the phpFreeChat Forum.

Rev 38:
New ReadMe and slightly changed admin menu system. Added revisioning stuff to some files. Checked into "double slashes in path" problem: Due to some providers returning a $_SERVER[\' DOCUMENT_ROOT\'] with TRAILING SLASH. Can't be helped but apparently doesn't break UNIX... Probably a "wrapper" for $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] should be written since it's not reliable and usually non-existent on Microsoft IIS servers...

Rev 37:
Finished German translation for the plugin.

Rev 36:
Php Free Chat: de_DE-formal: BBCode button "L öschen" becomes "Durchgestrichen"

Rev 35:
Some minor text corrections for de_DE-formal: Show/hide is now einblenden/ausblenden, nickname called "Benutzername", smileys called Emoticons.

Rev 33:
Added some languages; updated de_DE-formal; Php Free Chat language now automatically set to e107 language (via language file, instead of using admin dropdown); current theme selection in admin is auto-selected now; updated prototype.js to v1.6.0.2 (security update); brought Php Free Chat stuff to v1.0-final, revision 1222; avatars now selected via e107 avatar handler (so remote, site and uploaded avatars are handled correctly).
Nick WHOIS box still broken: Won't display.
Also, integration with already existing prototype or other AJAX library must be checked.

Rev 32:
Added German language file (not completely translated yet)

Rev 30:
Added phpfreechat_menu v1.5 plugin.

--- Add your changes here ---
Update to v1.6.2 with the follwoing fixes/new features:

* Some code fixes
* Gender image in nicklist (gray, pink, blue, couple).
* Now supports "user extended" fields gender (0..3), birthday, age (calculated from bday), country and a country flag. All of these might not be used in YOUR installation, so they will be gracefully ignored in that case.
* IP address, Email address and Birthday of a user will only be shown to chat admins.
* Country flags might be used elsewhere in e107, so should be stored in e107_images/flags/.
* Random user avatars for guests should be stored as e107_images/avatars/avatar_guest_x.gif where x=1..9.

If you already have v1.6.1 installed and don't want to lose your configuration, you can easily just overwrite all the files then go to admin -> plugin manager and perform a plugin UPDATE. Afterwards, clear the chat's cache via the admin panel, then do a chat /rehash and you should be set.

From my subversion log:

Rev 53
PhpFreeChat Plugin v1.6.2. Updated version number and readme. Minor text changes in i18n/de_DE-formal.

Rev 52
If the country flag in NickWhoisList can't be displayed (file not found in e107_images/flags/xx.gif), will now show the country name instead.

Rev 51
Have to set $nickmeta_private here for safety's sake: Seems not to work reliably if only set in the $params array. Included 'ip', 'email' and 'birthday' as only visible to chat admins.

Rev 50
Minor code cleanups for phpFreeChat, makes it v1.6.2. Remember to store "avatar_guest_1.gif" .. "avatar_guest_9.gif" in e107_images/avatars/ and country flags in e107_images/flags/ (.gif, 16x11px, lowercase ISO 2-letter names). I decided not to put these into the plugin since they might be used elsewhere in e107.

Rev 49
Since in phpFreeChat all resources have to be "known", added the images/user_gender_x.gif images to the list in phpfreechat.class.php.

Rev 48
MSN Theme: Nicer layout for NickWhoisBox, added nickmeta fields gender (0=unknown, 1=female, 2=male, 3=couple), birthday, age, country, flag. The extra fields will gracefully be ignored if not present in your installation.
Image no image available
Filesize 918.87 kB
Date Sunday 17 February 2008 - 14:57:46
Downloads 2259
 10.0 - 4 votes 
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