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Lique v1.4
Author RuSsE
Author email [email]
Description lique is a plugin for the administration of leagues. It was written for the ice hockey team of NEV-1b ( can be viewed), and can be used for football teams or other similar uses.

Please excuse my English - I translated this text using Google Translator.
Also the English.php was translated in this way. Thus still needs corrections.

The following possibilities are available thereby:

Teams provide
(An assigned user can update values for this team with)
Players provide
(If the player a registered user is, can he (or Admin) update its data)

Seasons provide
Team into the season zufügem
Players to the crew add
(for each season, for each team)
Play dates enter
Play results enter
(with the left to News entry)
Play report seize with:
Playing player, gate hunter, Foults
(These worth are then used for the player statistics.)

From all data the following tables are then provided automatically:
League table, cadre, Scorer, Faults, lightning table menu, play dates, Top player menu, NEXT Game menu, reading Game menu.
Lang- Files German, English
Viel Spaß!

--- Add your changes here ---
I have gone a long break after to the work again. I have made a couple of new nice functions. Most news has under have come only in the admin area.
It is so e.g. the new administrative functions of the player. Since I have mediator hamlets more but to manage 500 players on my side, I have tried to make the whole a little more open. All players seem as a table, sort by different criteria one now these can. One can also this one take into account number of represented columns when sorting.
Each of these columns is anklickbar, it shall the player with all data seem the profile. Different values are represented in different colours. As can it be seen on the example image, green reported values are all right, red reported values are faulty or these are completely missing and yellow reported values are perhaps obsolete.
In addition, I have pre-genomes the Plugin to design what representation concerns a little more flexible. Presetting variables are necessary a whole quantity dear "PREFS" for this. I do not have e.g. this also subdivides menus into several different areas, point system etc., this to take everyone under a form u nter very beautifully there it. All single functions have to be adjusted here now. One is question mark icon availably, so that in front of every single one, value seems if one clicks on this, some short information/support to this one this.
I soon then become the new files here on the side's out places. There I, have to learn the hard way until the still hard coded texts into which local area network files write.
A little list of the new functions:
These shall be represented in the last games' menu, 1st number of games one can indicate.
These shall be represented into the near games' menu, 2nd number of games one can indicate.
3rd man can be supposed to fix whether the last games/to be represented scrolling near games menus.
4th man can fix made whether the link to the season statistics shall be. The sign becomes if be as a link vs., yes, if no then flat not.
The link to the season statistics can fix 5th man just the same made be shall or not. My team shall Oder as of the left only at the games of be made. The game result then becomes vs. as a link be.
6. adjusts whether the team logos or names shall be represented into the last games'/near games' menus. If logo shall be represented, this also becomes size of the logo take into account.
Lightning table
7th man can fix whether team name or name short cut, shall be reported in the lightning table.
8th man can fix reported in the lightning table whether the team logo shall be.
Big league table
9th man can fix represented in the complete table whether the team logo shall be. Also with dimensional informations.
10th it will be eligible from the e107 state kind of styles for 3 style classes so that one can adapt the table appearance.
11th man can fix represented extra whether "my team" shall be.
12., team name shall interlink this after: "1: To the team cadres, 2: To the home page, 3: To the overview"
One can let the league table remove 13th explanations below.
14th man can split the table in three areas, "climb, in the middle country, relegated team". It also can be only two areas, how your wollt. is the whole only because of the representation, much lay bodies would have shown man the "climbers" a little differently than the other ones; At the moment, as said, the whole still is connected to the standard styles to design the appearance suitable. I think over but whether certain things shall get eligible also manually, e.g. text colour u.s.
The English.php is text one exactly like it translation file was prepared. Behaltet therefore very much fault. If one corrects these, I would get very grateful for a copy.

--- Add your changes here ---
Image no image available
Filesize 780.09 kB
Date Wednesday 28 November 2007 - 21:13:42
Downloads 581
 7.5 - 6 votes 
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