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Image Galleries 0.7 [ Coppermine, Photos, Random Image etc. ]

Coppermine bridge v1.02
Author V3
Author email [email]
Author website [link]
Description This plugin integrates Coppermine with e107.
Coppermine is a great freeware image gallery. See it in action at [link]

Tested with e107 0.75 and Coppermine 1.4.9.
You can use default coppermine themes, or use integrated e107 theme. Note it can conflict with your e107 theme (or css) and you'll got to fix it by yourself. Integrated theme is compatible with every default e107 theme except 'interfectus'.

Q: I get an "Unable to connect to database ! MySQL Said" error.
A: It you get MySQL errors, try to turn register_globals off, because if it's on e107 unsets all globals.
This plugin can work with register_globals but i can't guarantee anything.

Q: I get an Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /include/ on line 281
A: Just comment that line. Or turn register_globals off. You can uncomment it after upgrade.

1) Make sure you running e107 0.7x
2) Download the latest Coppermine package from [link] . This plugin is tested with 1.4.9 version of Coppermine, but it should work with every 1.4.x version (NOT 1.3.x or lower).
3) Upload all files into
This folder SHOULD be e107 subfolder. I suppose it's impossible to make coppermine and e107 working together if they're in separate folders. At least with intregrated theme.
4) Install Coppermine as standalone gallery according to Coppermine manual.
5) Extract archive into Coppermine root folder.
6) Make sure that "coppermine_folder/include/" is writable! Chmod this file with 0777.
7) Use
Now enable bridging. Then start 'Bridging wizard', chouse ' your custom bridge file's name' and type 'e107' into textfield. Hit the 'next' button several times until installation is done.
8) Congratulations, now you have Coppermine integrated into e107 :)
Use to manage settings, try to set 'e107' theme as default one. Refer to Coppermine manual for details.

Note that no links are created automaticly! You'll have to use e107 ACP to add it. Use .
If you want to add additional administrators, create a COPPERMINE_ADMIN usergroup for them.

* MANUAL UPGRADE INSTRUCTIONS (by mzeedijk, thanks for detail description :))

HOWTO: Upgrade your current 1.3.5 Plugin Package version to 1.4.9 including this bridge.

READ this first!!!!!!
Always make a backup of your database and your website before performing actions that changes filestructures and databases.
Also make sure that your current coppermine install of version 1.3.x is working correctly without too much problems.

Upgrade your current 1.3.5 version to 1.4.9 including this bridge.
- unpack the whole 1.4.9 directory stucture and its files in the coppermine_menu directory that is inside the e107_plugins directory
- Do not overwrite your album directory, include/, and anycontent.php files
(v3: actually, you can delete everything except albums/ directory and include/
- remove the install.php file from the coppermine_menu folder.
- Delete all leftover, outdated language files in the lang folder that are named XXX-utf-8.php
- run the update.php by pointing your webbrowser to your website/e107_plugins/coppermine_menu/update.php

Since the 1.3.5 plugin package didn't add an admin user you have to add them yourself by adding a user to your users table in mysql:
- INSERT INTO e107_CPG_users set user_name='admin', user_group='1', user_active='YES', user_password='password';
(v3: don't forget to change 'password' to something else during the query. :) Use PhpMyAdmin to add this value into your DB)
(remember to change the e107 prefix with the prefix you have choosen at e107 install time)

Now you have created an active admin user with username admin and password password.

Now the bridge part:
- Unzip the bridge to your coppermine root and overwrite any files with the same name.
- Point your webbrowser to your website/e107_plugins/coppermine_menu/bridgemgr.php

You are now inside your old theme and it tries to log you on with the e107 user but since the bridge is not 100% fully working it cannot log you on. So logon with the local admin user we just created in the previous step.
- Click Logon (website/e107_plugins/coppermine_menu/login.php) and logon using user admin and password password.
- You are now logged on and click continue to go to the Bridge Manager.
- Click Start Bridging Wizard
- Select the radio button at the bottom of which the description says: "your custom bridge file's name......"
- enter e107 into the box and click next.
- Click Next again.
- And click Next an other time.
- Now Enable your bridging by selcting the left radio button and click Finish.

Now you can access your coppermine gallery, because it has been upgraded from version 1.3.x to version 1.4.9.
You can delete the local admin user by deleting it using:
DELETE FROM e107_CPG_users WHERE user_name='admin';
(remember to change the e107 prefix with the prefix you have choosen at e107 install time)

But I say just keep it. It is always nice to have a local admin user for coppermine, just to reset some stuff.
Image Click here for screenshot
Filesize 15.24 kB
Date Friday 13 October 2006 - 02:10:38
Downloads 3082
 8.8 - 6 votes 
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