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KroozeArcade Update(Notnewwindow) v0.71
Author Aquaflash
Author email [email]
Author website [link]
Description Removed due to copyright issue with Blast Billiards.

Games Plugin

Version 0.5:
- first release

Version 0.6
- Minor bugfixes
- Reverse score ordering fixed. Some games (usually racing games) require the lowest score (usually a time) to represent the best player - if this is the case, set "Reverse score ordering" for the game in the admin interface
- Fixed a bug caused by some browsers that prevented people from submitting scores (all submitted scores were reported as a cheat)
- Fixed the game descriptions and control details that are put in the database when you first install the plugin.
- Language file integration complete - if you want to submit a new language file, please send it to aterlatus┬ę

Version 0.7 (*)
- Reverse score ordering fixes complete - the registering of scores now works for games set up for reverse ordering
- Easier navigation - see the top box on the play.php pages
- Added ability to set "default size" for games
- Added a few new games to keep you all buzzing, and as an apology for taking so long to get 0.7 released!
- Updated the wishlist. Any other new suggestions should be posted in the relevant forums thread.


o Upload the kroozearcade_menu folder and all it's contents to the e107_plugins folder on your server.
o CHMOD the kroozearcade_menu/games folder to 777
o Install KroozeArcade via your administration interface


Versions marked above with a (*) require a database update to function correctly if you are upgrading KroozeArcade! If you are upgrading to one (or beyond) of these releases, you should go to your plugin manager and hit the"Upgrade" link alongside KroozeArcade to complete the necessary changes.

Please note that no testing is performed for upgrades beyond one minor version - ie, we have not tested upgrading from 0.5 to 0.7, thus we can offer no support on this. Please try to upgrade one minor version at a time. All versions are available upon request.


KroozeArcade is a plugin for e107 that allows you to add games to your e107 powered website with self-updating score boards. You will see the top 10 for the current month, last months highest score and an overall champion for each game. 12 games are included to get you started.


o This is an early BETA version of KroozeArcade. Not all features are currently active (see the wishlist below).
o Due to my inexperience with e107 (this is the first plugin I've created for it!) I can't gurantee 100% reliability of this plugin.
o I'm no expert programmer - you will find comments few and far between in the source code and I'm almost certain that there's plenty of places it can be optimised.
o This plugin is in early BETA - if you break it, you'll have to reinstall or try and fix it yourself. There is little or no error checking in here. If you use a lot of apostrophes in game names, or delete all of the included games and categories then things are likely to stop working.
o No more games will be added to the standard install now we have 18. If you require more games, download some from as detailed below. If you already have any of the new games then you will need to remove the appropriate lines from plugin.php before upgrading. New games are:
o Blast Billiards
o Basketball Shooter
o Canyon Glider
o WRX Racing
o Pacman
o Space Invaders


Find the game you want to install on (these are the only ones I know of that will work with the KroozeArcade scoring system). Download the SWF and the "gamename"1.gif file (you don't need the "gamename"2.gif). Use the KroozeArcade admin pages to upload the game and set it's title, description, controls et al. If you have any difficulty, post for assistance in the thread listed below.


o I need to create an administrative interface for the banlist. At the moment, the bans are created but not enforced since there is no way to remove them!
o The score management system needs to be finished. It will prove useful to be able to remove erroneous scores
o Improve the administrative interface for game management so that games can be uploaded en-masse through FTP and then added to the database.
o Different sort orders for the game list - seems some people don't like them listed by popularity!
o In the distant future, tournaments will be added.
o An option to display more than the top 10 scores on request.
o Some sleep. I've been working on this FAR too long :S


There is a thread specifically for this plugin at


If you find a bug then please report it via the forums on There is a thread specifically for this plugin at


I had the Problem, that I wasn't able to play because the Browser always opened the Game in a new window and downloaded it (Mozilla)
With Internet Explorer it was no Problem.

So I asked a friend, and he helped me. So NOW it opens in the same Window without downloading.
Have Fun with it.

If you want to see if it works for yourself test it at my Site! :)
[link] -> Games

And do me a Favor and sign my Guestbook, it would make me happy :))

Image Click here for screenshot
Filesize 1.74 MB
Date Tuesday 23 May 2006 - 06:07:24
Downloads 325
 7.4 - 7 votes 
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