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Communication 0.7 [ PM, EChat, IRChat, Buddy List etc. ]

Autocomplete Addresses for PM v0.1 [0.7]
Author mikerowe81
Author email [email]
Description This adds an autocomplete dropdown menu for the "To:" field similar to Gmail's feature for the PM plugin v3.0.

Works best when "send to multiple users" is enabled, but also works for a single recipient. Just start typing and the menu appears, select the recipient and start typing again for another recipient.

Old input method of the search popup still works, but the two methods cannot be used at the same time.

Extract the file to the PM folder. pm.php is the only file that has been updated. 3 other files are also added.

Feedback for usefullness and bugs would be appreciated:

Known Issue: When multiple recipients is disabled the "To:" field is an tag as opposed to a